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Les paul junior dimensions

Collectibility Rating: B, C. General Comments: Originally sold as Gibson's least expensive, single pickup, student solid body model it was replaced as the least expensive solidbody Gibson in by the Melody Maker. A really under-rated guitar, I find the Gibson Les Paul Junior to be an amazing sounding solid body electric guitar with the,and models the best.

The except to this rule are and most model Les Paul TV models. By the model changed to full scale but still retained the maple body. By the body was mahogany and full scale. The late and later full scale mahogany version is the most desirable as the sound is much fuller with a long scale and mahogany body. See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

If you have a vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar for sale, please contact me at cfh provide. Pickup location very close to the bridge. Short threaded bridge post inserts which often lean forward and can even crack the wood between the bridge posts and the pickup, yellow "ink stamp" serial number on a dark brown back.

Tuners are "no line" Kluson "3 on a plate" style tuners with plain brass posts the posts are not nickel plated like the rest of the tuner parts. By mid to late mahogany bodies are the norm for this model serial 5 57xx maple, xxx mahogany. Usually one piece mahogany body, but sometimes two piece body is seen. This modification stops the posts from leaning forward. This was a common problem on and Les Paul Juniors, and often cracked the wood between the posts and the pickup.

Also the pickup was moved slightly towards the neck to allow more wood between the pickup route and the bridge posts. This happened in early By mid tuners change to "single line" Kluson "3 on a plate" style tuners with plain brass posts the posts are not nickel plated like the rest of the tuner parts. Pots change from IRC to Centralab in early Mid Gibson "Les Paul SG" Junior guitar specs: body style change to symmetrical rounded double cutaways, thick slab mahogany body, cherry red finish around serial number "8 49xx" but note that single cutaway Junior have been seen as late as The first few batches of and early double cutaway Les Paul Juniors had a noticably sharper body edge, like the edge on the single cutaway Junior.

Epiphone Les Paul Express 3/4 Size (Vintage Sunburst)

By early the edge became more rounded but there were definately models made with the rounded body style too. Also in late there were some 4-digit serial number Juniors and Specials all with to serial numbers like andwith no "8" or "9" as the leading digit. All the 4-digit serial number Juniors and Specials seem to have the more square-edged body style.

Also often the 4-digit serial number Juniors used "soapbar" style P90 pickups underneath the dog ear covers.Discussion in ' Luthier's Corner ' started by slabcutMar 3, Log in or Sign up.

SG Guitars. Joined: Mar 3, Messages: 20 Likes Received: 2. Last edited: Mar 4, Sorry, I can't help you with measurements immediately as my two old SGs are not to hand. I may be able to get some measurements from my Cipollina SG replica which was based on the others and '65, both of which were different!!!

As regards the bevels they vary from guitar to guitar in the early '60s. You'll either have to copy directly from an oldie or improvise and go with what looks right.

les paul junior dimensions

There are plenty of pics on here of original SGs or replicas, so have a look and see what works for you. I notice that most new SGs, and most copies, are not pointy enough on the horns. Let me know if you need help. Thanks, every measurement is welcome. Neck Joint. On top of the body those bevels seem to be a little wider than on the backside. I have looked over your measurements etc, etc. After handling and measuring many 60's SG's all i can tell you is not one of them is identical.

Even though a majority of the shaping was done by machine a lot of hand work was also involved so no two will be identical. Also during the early to mid 60's process's were being re-evaluated and changes mademainly to the neck joint. So If I were you I'd go by what you have or you'll go nuts trying to get it "factory original" BTW: The drawing you have of the Jr body is about as accurate as you are going to get. It was Cad drawn after tons of measurements were taken from a 63 Jr. What I can do is measure the template and post the measurements for the A-B-C, etc,etc drawing.

Are you a member of mylespaul dot com? Reason I ask is all of the the 63 Jr temp pdf and headstock pic were posted over there in the Luthier Section.I was reading yes I can read an old article in guitar centers holiday platinum editionabout an Interveiw with paul reed smith now I know recently there was some bad blood between prs and gibson AND I'am not trying to start anything Specifically he was asked: What was the inspiration for the new sc ?

PRS answered, I got a whole bunch of old les pauls and new les pauls and old gibsons out and started measuring the scale length. I know or I should say that I have heard to measure from the nut to the 12th fret, times 2, but can someone tell me exactly where on the nut, is it the fretboard side of the nut to the bridge, and if so were exactly on the bridge. I need someone to spell it out for me. A exact point "a" to an exact point "b" so I can go and measure and see for myself.

I just might have another episode on this forum. Because if that's true and I would have know that, well the next time I'm out for a new paulI'll be bring the measuring tape with me, and measuring gibson's for the shortest under scale I can find. The scale is the length between the two points where the strings are suspended from.

The nut to the saddle is where you measure between to determine scale length. Don't forget that you are buying wood. I think your addiction has you in a fog if you are trying to be this perfect. Take the cotton out of your ears and listen to the guitars you buy, or do you even play them? Cuda, you were given the answer. Good point about the saddles. Could be one scale length in the summer and another scale length in the winter. But I suspect that would be the same for almost all guitars, even PRS's.

After over 45 years of playing I never bothered or even knew about the scale length or what difference it makes.

I had used strats, jazzmasters, rickens, and gibbies; but just played the ones that sound good to me. I learn something everyday. Actually, the scale length should be measured from the inside edge of the nut to the center of the 12th fret. This is half-scale length, so double this measurement to obtain the full scale length. This takes out the variable of the position of the individual string saddles. As someone already stated I have never picked out a guitar because of it's scale length, and tend to play what I like listening too.

So what differance does this really make? I should add that I do not mean this sarcasticly. I read the same article, and it was a point PRS kept going back to. I read the same article being refered too and it was a point of PRS kept going back to. Same here I knew the shorter scale made fretting easier Maybe you yourself are unaware of how a certain scale lenght's affect sound and the advantage's and disadvantages of both.We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services.

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les paul junior dimensions

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Explore The Les Paul Collections

The latter niche was filled by the so-called 'economy' model, the Junior, initially released in The Junior has seen a recent upsurge in popularity not least thanks to the continuing hugeness of Oakland pop-punkers Green Day and the current availability of the ultra-cool Billie Joe Armstrong signature Junior, and it's the solid performance values and simplicity that maintain the interest.

Epiphone has remained as faithful as practical to the spec of the original early-fifties single-cut Junior - the double-cut version was launched inby the way - opting for an unbound and very flat slab mahogany body, restrained black scratchplate and classic wraparound bridge. Originally the pickup would have been one of Gibson's lauded P single-coils that have been the bee's knees since their own introduction inbut here Epiphone USA has designed a P humbucker loaded with classic Alnico magnets for the guitar: it's controlled by single volume and tone pots and is crowned by the always vibesome dog-ear cover.

The coils themselves are, as you'd expect, stacked rather than placed side by side and the single row of screw pole pieces gives nothing away if you like your guitars to look as authentic as possible.

One facet of early Gibson solidbodies is the unusual dimensions of the necks, especially when compared to contemporary 'as thin as Naomi Campbell' options we can all attest to. Epiphone has dubbed the neck here as 'classic', which translates to a rather wide and very fat feel, and there's no denying that it's a hefty construction.

That's not to say that it's in any way uncomfortable: it's really not and with a set-up offering a slightly higher action than usual, this is a man's guitar! Although the Junior comes out of the box strung with a regular 10 set, it does scream out for a heavier gauge simply because the guitar demands you absolutely thrash it and, what's more, seems perfectly able to stand up to any level of abuse. We'll see…. Although Ps are traditional single coils in the electronic sense, their fatter and wider bobbins do give a higher output and vamped-up mid-range than Fender-style singles.

There's plenty of bite on offer too, and the fact that the P here has stacked coils means the traditional single-coil hum and abrasive top end is replaced by a rounder, more tuneful tone albeit with the same high output that can be dialled in as required.

Cleanly we found that using the tone pot to smooth off the trebly corners still further allowed for a nice soupy tone akin to that of a Tele's neck pickup on steroids, while adding increasing amounts of gain took the Junior from blues and punk into classic rock territory with ease.

Things do turn nasty at high gains, but if you have the gumption the guitar has the tone and we could easily visualise using this guitar in whatever scenario we found ourselves. For slide, though, it's just the thing with aggressive Thorogood-style licks befitting richly from the spec, and, at this price, anyone with the slightest interest in playing or learning slide should snap one up.

It'd make a more than adequate second guitar too… So, can it handle itself in a fight? We set it up with a set of humungous D'Addario. MusicRadar The No.HOM E. Building a Les Paul. The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most revered and coveted electric guitars. I had one years ago, a Studio model that I traded in on another Gibson, an ES that I ended up selling to raise cash to buy woodworking tools.

Lately I've been hankering for another one, but they don't come cheap. So I figured I'd make one.

les paul junior dimensions

I want to make a Les Paulnot a sorta-Les-Paul-like guitar, so I bought a set of measured drawings from Stewart-MacDonald and am following them as closely as I can, using appropriate woods and hardware, Gibson pickups, etc.

As for appearance I'm shooting for the classic Standard sunburst. Here's the GOAL:. That's a carved figured maple top a half inch thick at the center under the bridge glued to a solid mahogany body 2 inches thick.

It's a big slab of guitar. The neck is also made of mahogany. In August I decide to make me one. Paul Lloret found me a lovely thick plank of quartersawn mahogany for the body and neck.

Quartersawn means that the grain is oriented straight up and down rather than diagonally or across the plank, which makes it much more stable. That way I can bookmatch it so the grain on the top will be symmetrical. So below is that starting point. The piece on the right will become the neck.

The thick pieces of mahogany on the left will become the body, and the thin pieces of maple will become the top. The color difference in the mahogany is because the neck blank hasn't yet been surfaced; the dark brown is the aged color.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Apr 9, 1. Messages: 2, A jam buddy of mine was asking about replacement pickups for his Les Paul Junior guitar.

les paul junior dimensions

The bridge pickup is a dog ear P and it's very dull sounding stock pickup. He wants something that growls while minimizing the P hum. I was going to point him towards TV Jones P90s, but they don't make a dog ear version.

Allparts makes a spacer set for dog ear Ps, but I don't think these can be used for converting non-dog ear Ps into the guitar cavity. Last edited: Oct 18, ReginaldBisquetApr 9, Apr 9, 2.

Messages: 5, Apr 9, 3. Okay, we'll open it up on Tuesday to see what's inside.

SG Measurements

Can you take apart any P pickup and put a dog ear cover over it? Apr 9, 4. Messages: 1, Definitely Check the pots out. Personally I like k audio log for both tone and volume with a. Soapbar guts won't work in a dog ear. QuarterApr 9, Apr 9, 5. I've spoken to him before about replacing the dogear P90's in a Casino I had a while back and he said that the guts are good enough to just have them rewound.

You tell him what you are looking for and he makes it happen. Apr 10, 6. Messages: 3,

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