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Pitbull dog attack owner

Recently here in Louisville, Kentucky a month old girl was mauled to death by the families Pit Bull. How many times did this dog show aggression towards small children?

We will never know because no one cares about that. How many times did the owner reinforce this type of behavior around their daughter? Of importance to the general public is a little baby was mauled to death by a vicious Pit Bull and they should start killing them all.

Some people make their dogs mean on purpose. In this case they are cruel, irresponsible, mean people. Uh, oh! That people are irresponsible, lack morals and have no respect for how their actions effect the rest of society. I did it again! Seriously though, all you have to do is read the stories. The result was her son died. When it comes to small dogs this is annoying at worst.

The Pit Bull Training Handbook. Enforcing the best roblox discord servers laws would be a great start for our society. Regulating breeding. Yes, I am for this. Public and Pit Bull community awareness. If you want to teach the public these dogs are not all baby killers, train them, title them, and take them out to public gatherings where dogs are welcome. Become an advocate for the breed. Sign in. Log into your account.

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it putting all together.Studies show that pit bull owners employ strategies to disguise the true nature of the breed by engaging in distortions, denial and overcompensation and by projecting blame after attacks.

To understand the experience of owning a negatively perceived dog, Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy did a case study on pit bull owners that was published in Researchers found that with "outlaw" breeds, such as pit bulls, the human-dog relationship is sociologically more complex than previously known.

Owners of pit bulls, they discovered, directly feel the stigma targeted at their breed and resort to various tactics to mitigate it.

These strategies included:. The study is sympathetic to pit bull owners and makes unsourced claimsbut does show the basis of pro-pit bull propaganda. Strategies identified by the researchers are the same strategies employed by pit bull advocates to stop a municipality from enacting a pit bull ordinance. For instance, owners will claim that a pit bull cannot be identifiedthat there is a media conspiracy against pit bulls and that pit bulls are "just big babies" that only want to " lick you to death.

As identified in the Tufts study, pit bull owners frequently pass their dogs off as other breeds to diminish a perceived stigma. They also lie about their dog's breed to confuse the public about the pit bull breed and to evade breed-specific laws. For instance, a pit bull owner might claim his dog as a "boxer-mix" or "labrador-mix" after a pit bull law goes into effect.

Animal groups, however, are the guiltiest in creating confusion about the breed. This began in earnest in the mid s. The many names of the pit bull over the course of history is why breed-specific legislation defines the pit bull as a "class of dogs" that includes the following breeds and their mixes: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier and American bulldog.

Pit bull owners frequently blame the "environment" after a pit bull mauls or kills a person. A participant in the Tufts study illustrates this clearly, "If you get some kid that has been beaten all his life, he's going to go out and be aggressive towards people. Pit bull defenders frequently blame a victim's actions after an attack too. Examples include blaming a " sudden cough " or " being in a bouncy chair " as a trigger for a fatal mauling.

Ledy VanKavage, a top lobbyist for pit bulls, even blamed a baby crying as a pretext. These excuses, however, always fail to explain the disproportionate response by the dog to an otherwise harmless activity. Host: "So I asked her about the tragic death of month old Daxton Borchardt. The little boy who was ripped from the arms of his babysitter by her two supposedly family friendly dogs. Was that 'fake news' too? I don't know what happened that day. Host: "But if the child was crying?

Inafter a year old woman was scalped by three pit bull-mixes in front of one of the dogs' owners -- who was helpless to stop her own dogs -- the owner blamed the violent attack on the dogs mistaking her ponytail for a rope toy. The "ponytail" excuse was popularized by SeaWorld after a killer whale with a history of fatal human attacks killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in Klemetti said the day of the attack, his wife, Victoria, was with Morrison, who had looked after the dogs before.

When Morrison knelt down to pick up a tennis ball they were playing with, the first thing the dogs went after was Morrison's ponytail. In multiple instances of fatal pit bull maulings, family members have blamed the attack on the victim suffering a seizure beforehand as well.

The majority of these attacks are owner-directed, where the pit bull kills its owner. There is an immediate assumption by family members that because the victim suffered from seizures in the past, he or she must have had one, including during the middle of the night, and the pit bull s "naturally reacted to it" by killing the person.After reading this article, it really got me thinking about all of the negative talk about pitbulls being dangerous.

Now before I get into it I highly recommend reading the full article. Basically, a 22 year old girl — Bethany Lynn Stephens, had taken her two dogs which happened to be pitbulls out for a walk, and she was later found dead in the forest by her father.

Authorities stated that she was mauled to death by her dogs. Many, on the other hand, disagreed with authorities believing that someone or something else could have been the cause of death.

Due to the whirling rumors spread through social media, a sheriff came forth describing a gruesome scenario, to relax the disturbance that had been complicating the investigation. Firstly, I want to say that I hate stories like this. Why would anyone even want to think about the possibility of their own pets attacking them? Apparentlythe dogs were not being fed daily and had gone from living comfortably indoors to living in the backyard.

Yes, you heard it right. The perspective on pitbulls is deamonizing and for what reason? Yes, the pitbull has an agressive temperament, but so do many other breeds. As I look through and click into a long list of fatal dog attacks [ source ]. I notice one commonality being that many of the cases involve a dysfunctional owner and a pitbull, and it kinda makes sense. Pitbulls are badass dogs. Unfortunately, that lifestyle is sometimes associated with poor habits and negative environments, which could ultimately bring out the worst in an already aggressive breed.

What I am saying is that this topic ought to be reconsidered. Instead of constantly blaming the breed, we need to carefully evaluate the surrounding influences. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. My Argument: Firstly, I want to say that I hate stories like this. We do this with human beings, so why not with dogs? Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Johana Villafane, 33, died after her own pit bulls attacked her in Irving, Texas.

James Kang, DVM, stated Villafane's dogs were so aggressive his staff could not walk them and told Villafane the clinic could not keep her dogs due to their aggressive behavior, unless Villafane herself would walk them twice a day. Kang's statement, however, must be weighed against another revelation. On Tuesday, London Pinder, a North Texas college student, told media outlets she was almost killed by a dog at the O'Connor Animal Hospital 15 months ago while working as an intern.

A pit bull she was trying to put a leash on suddenly pinned her down and latched onto her neck. The dog nearly hit an artery. Pinder filed a dangerous dog report with Irving Police, but only got an apology from Dr. She brought 2 dogs for rabies quarantine in our office on March 18th I examined the 2 dogs at the time of admission. The male pit bull terrier was friendly, but the female pit bull terrier seemed to be scared as well as frightened.

The next morning, our staff could not walk them in the backyard due to the dogs' aggressive behavior. We called the owner and told her that we could not keep her dogs in our hospital for quarantine due to their aggressive behavior, and the dogs will only be able to stay at our hospital unless she is able to walk them. Their family came to the office, twice a day, walking their dogs for a whole week without any incident.

She let them out in the backyard at am. We were very busy taking care of clients and patients all morning that we were unable to hear any noise or screaming that occurred in the backyard. One of our receptionists saw her laying in the grass in our backyard at am. She called immediately for assistance.

pitbull dog attack owner

We were trying to reach her, trying to rescue her but were not successful because the two dogs were guarding her. Paramedics came in at am but could not get to her until the police arrived at am. The police discharged their weapons and shot the two dogs, then the paramedics attended to her and took her immediately to Parkland Emergency Hospital.

All parties involved in this sordid tale appear to be hopelessly clueless about dangerous aggression issues and the "select few" types of owners -- behaviorists, trainers and game dog breeders -- who could ever reliably manage such aggression. Villafane obviously did not fit the bill nor did any employee at Kang's animal hospital. Pinder, who was a teenager at the time, said staff members only had a "broom" available to fight off the pit bull that was clamped onto her neck. On April 1, CBS 11 published the call made by an employee of the animal hospital.

She states, "The dog bit her owner; she's on the floor. Finally, at there is an indicator by the caller, "She's full of blood. CBS 11 reports there is surveillance video of the deadly pit bull attack. Police will not release the video due to its graphic nature, unless the Texas Attorney General requires it.

A source also told CBS 11 the attack lasted 31 minutes before anyone at the animal hospital became aware of it. Now consider the statement by the caller again, "The dog bit her owner; she's on the floor.

The city-operated shelter would not have allowed her to visit during quarantine, police said. Her two pit bulls had been ordered into quarantine after biting a man eight days earlier. That night Villafane met police and animal control officers at her home on Windmill Lane.Devin White, 25, died after his pit bull attacked him and three others in Plainfield. White was pronounced dead at pm Monday at Loyola Hospital in Maywood.

Fatal Pitbull Attacks – Is it the Dog or the Owner?

Three other victims of the attack, a year-old woman, year-old woman and year-old man, survived with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Plainfield police. Kevin McQuaid stated that White "died as a result of the injuries sustained due to the dog bite. This "multi-victim producing" attack remains under investigation by Plainfield police detectives and Will County Animal Control.

His cousin, Samantha Costilla, expressed disbelief after the attack.

pitbull dog attack owner

Costilla, who spoke as if she witnessed the attack, said the situation "was uncontrollable at a certain point" and that White tried to protect the other family members. He saved his brother and everyone else involved. But, we cannot believe that this is happening right now," she said. On February 8, four people were transported to hospitals after a family pit bull attacked them. Police were dispatched to a home in the block of Judith Drive about pm for a report of a dog bite.

Upon arrival, officers found a male pit bull inside the home acting aggressive. Police and fire department officials located the four victims in the second story of the home. One victim, a year old male, suffered severe injuries to his arms.

He was transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Joliet then transferred to Loyola Hospital in Maywood for additional treatment, states the release. Three other victims, a year old female, year old female and year old male suffered minor injuries.

They were treated for their injuries and released, states the release. Plainfield Fire Chief Jon Stratton said a helicopter was initially called to the scene to transport one of the victims, but was cancelled, reports Patch.

All four victims were taken to area hospitals by ambulance. Plainfield Detective Sgt. Kevin McQuaid said the pit bull was shot at the scene due to its aggression and that officers at the scene were unable to gain control of the dog. One victim died of injuries he sustained after a family pit bull attacked four people in Plainfield.William Tiatano said he was walking back home with his dogs Miley and Brandy when a stray dog approached them out of nowhere at the Clay neighborhood park in Rolando.

Everything seemed peaceful but that all changed in an instant when the pit bull moved his attention from Brandy to Miley. I was hitting the pit bull with my leash trying to get him to let her go. By the time police got to the scene, the pit bull had moved to a nearby apartment complex. Police kept an eye on the dog until the San Diego Humane Society officers arrived. As the officers attempted to get near him, he charged at one of them. The dog then took off to a stairwell, forcing animal control to climb into the apartment complex through a second-floor sliding door.

Tiatano says he will never get his Miley back, a year-old Schipperky he rescued a few years ago.

Texas pet owner dead, ‘attacked by her two pit bull terriers’: police

But wants others to be spared the heartache. Several neighbors say the dog had been running loose since Saturday night and had already attacked at least one person while they were walking to their car. The dog may have also attacked a person in the same neighborhood the night before.

Just up the street, San Diego Police had located the loose dog near an apartment complex. The dog is currently on a 4-day stray hold. He does not have a microchip. Skip to content. A deadly dog attack left a Rolando man lamenting the loss of what he calls his best friend. San Diego County 9 hours ago.

Encinitas City Council 51 mins ago. This article tagged under: rolando San Diego Humane Society dog attack. Back to Article. Close Menu. Search for:.Sir Hinkles started barking at her and then launched at her, biting her ear and mauling her arms.

The attack lasted nine minutes, she said. Next thing I know, he jumps up and bites my ear. I knew what was going on, but I didn't feel any pain.

Attacked by pitbulls, stray dog 'Little Strong' in China fights on

I guess I was in shock," Adam said. The dog owner said she ultimately gave up. I figured I was going to die". A friend who was staying with her at the time called Doctors at Broward General Hospital tried for three weeks to save her left arm, but ultimately had to amputate it.

Her right arm was also damaged and is heavily scarred. She called her recuperation "the most painful thing I've ever experienced. She spent six months in the hospital and is now warning others that pit bulls can be dangerous pets. And I do believe to a certain extent that's true. But animals have an instinct they can't overpower and that's what happened with my dog.

pitbull dog attack owner

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