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Prayer worksheets for adults

Bible prayer games are educational for everyone, including adults. If you are looking for a few prayer games, prepare some entertaining games that are fun and will help adults learn different Bible prayers. The games are perfect for a church event or Bible study. Entice the adults to play along by awarding game winners with Bibles, Biblical prayer cards, Bible covers and Biblical bookmarks.

For an easy prayer game, write down prayers on index cards. Read one prayer at a time aloud to the adults. After each prayer, select one adult to recite as much of the prayer as she can remember.

If she can remember more than half of the words, award her with a small prize. Alternatively, have the adults try to write the prayer on a dry-erase or chalkboard instead of reading it aloud. For another idea, write the prayer on the board with a few missing words. Have an adult try to fill in the blanks in the prayer. Write several prayers on index cards and place them on a board for the adults to view. After everyone looks at the prayers, ask them to close their eyes and remove a couple of the prayers.

When they open their eyes, any player who can name one of the missing prayers wins a small prize.

Healing Prayer with Healing Verses from the Bible (1 hour)

You can make another memory game by printing two of each prayer. Place the cards face down and have the adults play a game of memory match with the prayers. The adult who finds the most pairs wins the game. Divide the adults into teams of three or four. Write three prayers on a large index card; however, write one of the prayers incorrectly by using different words or leaving out words. Give each team a card and have them decide which prayer is incorrect.

For each correct answer, the team earns a point.Young children learn best through play. These fun prayer activities will teach your kids how to pray and why praying is an important part of their relationship with God.

All of the methods can be developed at home or incorporated as prayer games for Sunday school classes. Starting and ending each day with prayer is a great way to get children tuned into their special relationship with God without distractions.

To use this method as a group activity in Sunday school, do the "before" prayer at the start of class, and the "after" prayer close to the time class ends. This prayer activity will help children of all ages start the day off right. This is a great time to pray for teachers, friends, and for help with classes or peer relationships. Children can thank God for fun times or new friends and ask for help with correcting a poor choice they may have made during the day. Praying at the close of the day can be comforting and restful at any age.

This game and the following ACTS prayer were recommended by children's pastor Julie Scheibe, who says that young children learn best through games that help them remember facts and concepts.

To do the Five-Finger Prayer Game, have the kids hold their hands together in a posture of prayer, using each finger as a prayer guide. You can reinforce the prayer concepts by explaining how each finger works as a reminder: the thumb is positioned closest to us, the pointer finger gives direction, the middle finger stands above the others, the ring finger is weaker than most of the others, and the pinky is the smallest.

When used by adults, this method results in a lengthier prayer time, as several moments are spent in reflection on Bible verses that support each part of the prayer. Most young children won't fully understand what each letter of the ACTS acronym means, so use it as a teaching opportunity and a guide to take them through the prayer time as follows, pausing after each step for a minute or so to allow time for the kids to pray.

This is another prayer activity that is easy to use at home or in a Sunday school setting. This fun activity combines music and prayer and is often used as a bridge for moving kids from one activity to another. Use worship music with prayer regularly as an activity near the end of Sunday school to help children prepare to leave the classroom with their parents or other caregivers. Because music is poetic and has repetition, it's a great way for children to learn about prayer.

Children love the energy in Christian pop contemporary and gospel music, and this excitement helps them to remember the lyrics. After children listen and sing along with a song, discuss the theme of the song and how it is relevant to God's word.

Use this activity as a springboard to pray about the concepts in the song lyrics. Share Flipboard Email. Cultivating Prayer as a Way of Life.Pool Noodles. Liquid Chalk Markers. Cut the pool noodle at each mark with a serrated knife making cylinder shapes. Then cut the cylinder shapes in half, lengthwise to make the holders. Use this slit to hold Bible verse card. In class have your children decorate the holders with liquid chalk markers and foam shapes, and place the Bible verse card in to holder.

This chain can be used to teach children about the importance of prayer. Make two chains, one for prayer requests and one for prayers answered. Have your children write their prayer requests and the date on the front of the hearts and link them together under a piece of paper that says "Prayer Requests".

Start another chain for prayers answered. When a prayer has been answered remove the link from the "Prayer Requests" chain, write the date it was answered, and put it on the "Prayers Answered" chain. Your children will begin to see how God answers their prayers. Free Digital Download. Cut out the pattern and trace it onto another sheet of paper.

Cut on the solid lines. Save time by cutting 4 to 5 links at a time by layering the paper. Cut open the "Y" shaped lines in the center of the link being careful not to cut all the way through. To make cutting the slit easier, fold down the handle so that the lines overlap trying not to crease the paper to much.

Cut through the paper, unfold, and finish cutting the line.

Adult On Prayer

To add a new link just slide the bottom heart of the chain behind and through the slit on the new link. You can also use this craft as a memorization tool. Have your children write one word of the Bible verse on each heart and then chain them together in order.

Older children who love to express themselves with art will love this craft. Using a phone book page as their canvas children can experiment with different designs.These free Bible lessons for adults contain a variety of subjects; so whether you are a seasoned Bible study teacher or just beginning study the Bible, we hope you find something that will help you dig into God's Word.

We want to save you the time of looking and collect some of the best and most creative Bible lessons for adults on the web into one location for you. Daily we need to search God's truth for how to live, as well as how to become more and more like Christ. God's Word is "living and active. With words like "living", "active", "inspired", "profitable" It is the only book that can actively cause change in our lives!

Prayer Trivia Quizzes and Games

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed studying your Bible? Or has your class started yawning as they open up God's Word? Too many times we have in our mind that studying the Bible has to be boring not that any of us would admit that to another Christian!

It's not meant to be though! You may be thinking that you don't even know where to begin. Well, think about where you begin with any book Or better yet, I usually look up a summary of the book to help me understand where I'm going.

A Bible summary can help us put the pieces together as we begin to study the Bible. The Bible is God's love letter to us! It's not just for studying to obtain knowledge, but it is our guide to knowing Him! We've put together a selection of some of the best Bible verses by topic on love, fear, most quoted, etc. In beginning to read and study the Bible, try these six simple steps on how to study the Bible.

You may also want to follow a Bible reading plan. Bible charts that cover how the books of the Bible are organized and how they fit into the timeline are great helps to go along with any Bible lessons for adults.

Always start with prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Remember - God's Word is living and He wants to speak to you personally. What is it that He's desiring to reveal to you right now?

Bible Seeker Lessons are short, practical, and designed to help us see and know God through connecting His Word with our everyday surroundings! He has placed His identifying marks all over our world and lives to point us to Him.

Seeking to understand the Bible is seeking to know Him.

Bedtime Prayers for Adults

If you're seeking to know and understand the Bible and God Himself better, these Bible Seeker snapshot lessons can open your eyes to recognizing God's presence and work in your everyday surroundings. God is near. One of His names points to this truth - Jehovah Shammah. Are we recognizing and living in His presence? These Bible lessons are meant to be hands-on and applicable; so be creative and use your phone to take your own photo to have with you throughout the day or even share Jesus through social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Our Godprints devotional lessons are basically short, precise Bible studies that inspire, encourage, and help us keep our focus on Jesus even when things get super busy! We think of these as Godprints These become wonderful spontaneous moments in the midst of our busy day to refocus our attention on God's presence and purpose in our lives and also to activate what we learn as we use everyday objects to remind us of the truths we studied in Scripture.

Robert A. Linscheid has written these 8 stewardship Bible lessons for the Evangelical Covenant Church. And don't neglect your prayer life!

prayer worksheets for adults

Prayer and Bible study go hand in hand. Take a look at this free Bible study lesson on prayer which includes creative ideas for enhancing your prayer life along with your family or students!Just so you know, it is possible that I get a commission and collect income from the links on this page.

Click here for more info. I am not a doctor, none of the information on any of these pages pertaining to the Ketogenic Diet or Adrenal Fatigue should be considered medical advice and should not replace the care of your personal physician. I am simply eager to share the information I have learned while on my own journey to health.

Before you embark on this journey, please consult with your physician. In my post, How to Write a Prayer Strategy for Your War RoomI share about the importance of a prayer strategy and why we need to implement this importance practice in our prayer life.

prayer worksheets for adults

While we should never make the enemy our central focus, we must understand our enemy in order to develop an effective strategy against him. We should neither underestimate nor elevate his ability. By this I mean that we should not suppose that the enemy is powerless nor too powerful. Who is your enemy? What is he like? Describe him in this section — and be sure to use Scripture as your guide. A good soldier understands their battleground: the layout, the terrain. Where is it?

What traps could be there? What stumbling blocks lie there? What boundaries are there? In order to develop a winning strategy, you must know the strategy of your enemy.

Take his strategy and use it to your advantage. Is the enemy twisting Scripture to get you to believe his lies? Is he using an addiction, past failure, old hurt or trauma to keep you trapped in a cycle from which you need to be free? You may need to talk with some trusted friends who have know you for a while to get their perspective.

Sometimes our friends can see these things more clearly that we can. Here is where you begin to strategize. I recommend spending a lot of time in prayer for this step. What Scripture verses will you meditate on? What steps will you take when temptation comes your way?Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe. After all, Mary Magdalene got to see Jesus. The other disciples got to see Jesus. So, then why does Thomas get stuck with the reputation of the doubting one simply because he drew the short stick and had to get the coffee while the others were locked up safe in fear for their lives?

I, myself, find the need to have tangible interaction with my faith, my belief, and even my doubts. So much of faith requires us to believe in something we can not detect with our five senses. Especially in times when the world around me bombards me with so much physical evidence to doubt my faith, I need something to physically cling to in order to find strength to believe. How can we engage and interact with our faith in ways that is real and relevant in our lives?

prayer worksheets for adults

One way is through rituals like communion, baptism, and laying on of hands. Six years ago, my Head of Staff went on sabbatical. During his time, he traveled around Europe and attended churches having St. Thomas Mass. Their goal was to give opportunity for people to encounter their faith in a way that was tangible, meaningful, experiential, and reflective. The sermon time is used to set up the focus of the prayer stations.

This gives families a wonderful opportunity to worship together and engage in faith conversations. For visitors and those who choose not to participate, they are free to remain seated and are invited to listen and sing taize style music. For those who desire and need prayer, pastors stand in the back for personal prayer time. Planning the interactive prayer stations has also been a wonderful opportunity to engage our confirmation kids as well as those who are interested in using their creative gifts for the church.

Here is an example of an interactive prayer station I designed for preschoolers on Pentecost. Activity one:. Activity three:. Here is an example of three interactive prayer stations for adults and older kids that we did for the story of Mary and Martha. Station one: Recreate through Prayer. Learn or memorize a breath prayer.

Let this prayer be as consistent or ordinary as your breathing. Take a few moments to allow this prayer to become part of you. Invite God to keep this alive in your faith journey.

Taking pipe cleaners, make an action figure or two to symbolize both your God-giftedness and the justice-sharing that God has uniquely called you to do in your community, family, relationships, the world or realm of activity.This post may contain affiliate links.

prayer worksheets for adults

See my disclosure for more information. Perfect for any kind of group! Printables include blank templates for you to customize. I am definitely not a 1, but the other three options describe me pretty well. This activity was a brain child of 4 above, to be honest. First, we did the ice breaker activity. Even though the kids in the class have known each other for years, it was a good opportunity to get to know one another even better.

They dumped out their bags on the table in front of them. I explained to them how we were going to go around the room and tell some things about ourselves, based on the colors of candy we had. You can get all of the printables at the end of the post. Or, you could do what we did. Then we went color by color, and we counted how many of that color we each had, and went around and shared that many things.

Again, I handed out mini bags of candy to everyone and we dumped them out in front of us on the table, sorting them by color. This time, we followed the prayer chart to say short, sentence prayers. Admittedly, this one was more challenging for the students. It was a good learning opportunity. It also was eye opening to think about all of the people that we can be praying for.

One of the ways I helped students that struggled with these was to get them to talk about the category, and then I would model a one sentence prayer. These activities could really be customized for any group. If you do, please comment and tell us about it!! Click here for lots more resources on growing faith, lessons from Scripture, and more!

More about Me Ice Breaker. Blank More about Me Ice Breaker. Mini Meditations Prayer Activity. Blank Template. We might talk about their names, if we know them. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to The Sparrow's Home via Email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Like it? Share it! You Might Also Like. Family Bible Journal.

Kids Summer Roundup. Comments This is a really good idea! Thank you for sharing this! GOD bless you, Love!

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